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First of all, this is still beta phase:
The approach guide itself is already useful, but not finished. This is more or less about testing the selling process.

You can purchase this beta version now – for 0,2 btc. I will increase the price to one or two btc, when the final version version is ready. Maybe I will also implement a simple automatized selling procedure. First bitcoin, the

This is the deal:

You can download it here. No restricitions, no data – just a plain download.
If you find it useful, you pay me 0,2 btc for the beta version within the next two weeks. This is the bitcoin address: 1F5GCgq1EKk6W9zZcxS1vjs4uVTz7mEK5z. If not, you delete every copy of the document.

Again, the file:

how to approach and talk to girls and women anytime and anywhere

The bitcoin address: 1F5GCgq1EKk6W9zZcxS1vjs4uVTz7mEK5z

Contact: goforit (at)

Thank you.


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